Oxfords November Vendor of the Month has been awarding to Martin Fletcher. Rewarding vendor achievement in this way began in August to recognise the steps vendors are taking to social and financial inclusion. Previous winners are SteveDerek and Phil. Winners are selected according to: general good conduct, attitude and commitment; efforts to improve sales; positive public feedback; and progress towards personal goals. Each month the staff team in Oxford consider candidates against these criteria when deciding on a winner.

As well as improving sales, Martin has been working towards his aspirations to become healthier and to save some money. He has become a member of the local gym and also plans to begin improving his computer skills through Crisis Skylight when the new term starts. “Selling The Big Issue helps me to structure my life,” says Martin. “The gym exercise I do helps keep me motivated and improves my mental health no end. I’m also currently saving for a holiday.” Well done Martin! You are a star.

We are once again very incredibly proud of Martin and all our vendors in Oxford who are working hard to turn their lives around. Our services team in Oxford and across the UK work hard to supports vendors to determine their own paths towards a better future and then connects them with local services to achieve it.  We provide vendors with bespoke support to help them address the issues that may have contributed to their housing insecurity, or the issues that have arisen as a result. We enable vendors to: open bank accounts, access health services, find accommodation, meet their aspirations and reconnect with families and friends, volunteer, train, learn and start their own enterprises and find paid work. Year on year we are improving our effectiveness and impact. Well done to you all.

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