“I’m made up that after 20 years, I have my full licence.”

Congratulations to Phil who has won the Vendor Achievement Award in Oxford for his continued excellent customer relations and his hard work towards his goals. The award of a £20 gift voucher and certificate were presented by Sergeant Miriam Purple of Thames Valley Police at the end of the sales and money themed fortnight. The Sales and Money Fortnight is one of three themed events in Oxford; the others are Aspirations and Health Weeks. During these weeks there are various different opportunities to engage with other services in the local area.

Phil is keen to get back to paid employment and as a first step, has just passed his driving test! “I’m made up that after 20 years, I have my full licence.” Phil received some financial support from the Vendor Support Fund for his practical driving test and the study materials. The Vendor Support Fund aims to give a small hand up to vendors with a specific objective in mind. Vendors save and contribute a minimum 20% towards the cost of the item required. The Big Issue Foundation grant the additional 80% from our donated funds to help make the ideal a reality.

“I would like to thank all my customers for the support they have given me through good and bad times; especially to Joyce who sees me every morning for a cup of tea! She is 90.”

Phil’s pitch is at Botley in Oxford and he is usually there from 10am-2pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday.

“Thanks for all the support The Big Issue Office has given me.”

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