Vendor Conduct

All Big Issue vendors sign a Vendor Agreement that they have to abide to, which we take very seriously. All our legitimate Big Issue Vendors will always have an in date badge in view and be in a red Big Issue Tabard (unless they are in training or within two weeks of starting to which they have this time to save up for one).

We always try to promote our ethos and our policy to all our vendors; however there will be some ex vendors or rogue vendors who abuse our business model to find a means to an end, which is out of our control; please always buy from a legitimate vendor and please help us share the word. We do also have a street team/Outreach team who go out daily to visit and support our vendors and look out for any misconduct.


Big Issue Vendors sell on a regulated “pitch” managed by The Big Issue’s distribution team. Pitches are in public spaces, which is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people.

The Magazine

The Big Issue is a street newspaper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed and the poor. It is a weekly magazine, which vendors buy from us for £1.25 and sell it to the public for £2.50 and keep the difference. The Big Issue is an alternative to dependency and our vendors are working for living. Big Issue vendors should be selling the latest edition of the magazine, our ethos is that selling The Big Issue is an alternative to begging on the streets and therefore you take what you have paid for.

Vendor Comments and Feedback

We appreciate all supporter feedback and public concern, to make a comment about a Big Issue Vendor please contact the Outreach Team on the details below

T: +44 (0)20 7526 3444