After a hard day Selling, it’s always good to give yourself a few minutes of self reflection.

Self refection is always a great way to push yourself forward and will lead to constant improvements to your Sales skills.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you ask a few good Open questions to find out information?
  • Did you confirm that they like what they’re hearing or seeing?
  • Were you ‘really’ listening to them?
  • Did you miss any answers you could have matched to the Issue?

Did you accidently skip a part of the process? For instance, building no Rapport means questions won’t be answered meaning you know nothing the client is interested in, this can result in a “Not Interested!”

But, in Sales, just as in life, sometimes it just doesn’t work out whatever you’ve done!

Don’t worry.

Just make sure you stick to the process.

Built your own style and own personality into it.

And finally, keep perfecting it. The more you practice the more successful you’ll be.

Best of Luck and Happy Selling!

Matt Rogers

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